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Bord na Mona Archaeology
Bord na Mona harvests peat from 80,000 ha of land at locations throughout Ireland for energy production and horticulture. Dr. Mounts role is to assist with the preparation of tenders and contracts for fixed price archaeological work on Bord na Mona lands, oversee the annual excavation programme and advise Bord na Mona on archaeology. This is the largest archaeological project currently ongoing in Ireland.

Dr. Mount's role in Bord na Mona is to:

1. Advise Bord na Mona on all aspects of archaeology relating to its estate and assist in the development of a post-survey archaeology strategy for its peatlands;

2. Liaise with the National Monuments Service/Dept. of Environment in relation to archaeological surveys carried out on Bord na Mona lands;

3. Agree with Bord na Mona the priority sites for investigation, taking account of site vulnerability and Bord na Mona’s contractual obligations and peat production targets;

4. Agree methodologies with the Department, and prepare tender documents for the excavation and recording of archaeological sites, by Consultant Archaeologists, on Bord na Móna’s peatland areas;

5. Be responsible for ensuring that the applications for excavation licences and applications for Ministerial consent are in order before they are submitted to the Department;

6. Oversee the conduct of all archaeological excavations, palaeo-environmental assessment and post-excavation analysis by Consultant Archaeologists, and ensure that all excavation reports are completed to a standard acceptable to the Minister and submitted in a timely manner;

7. Assist with the certification and validation of all archaeological costs;

8. Assist with the development of a GIS database of archaeology on Bord na Móna’s lands, which will be updated as surveys and excavations are completed;

9. Advise Bord na Mona on the long term management of sites that are set aside and preserved in situ.

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The environmental impact assessment of Cam Quarry, Co. Roscommon
The development of a new quarry at Cam, Co. Roscommon near Athlone lead to the archaeological assessment of an extensive area of pre-modern field systems.
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Brownstown Quarry Project
Since 2003 Dr. Charles Mount has been project managing the multi-period archaeological investigations at Brownstown, Co. Kildare. Summaries of the investigations carried out at the site are appended.
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Archaeological impact assessment of a quarry at Killough, Co. Tipperary
Continuing development at Killough, Co. Tipperary required the archaeological impact assessment (AIA)of the heritage in the surrounding area.
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